Advance/NanoLabo is a graphical user interface (GUI) designed for open-source material analysis software, including Quantum ESPRESSO and LAMMPS. It enables users to effortlessly search material databases like the Materials Project and set modeling and calculation conditions with ease. With this interface, users can perform first-principles calculations, molecular dynamics simulations, and instantly visualize the results.

An intuitive and user-friendly GUI

It is designed for intuitive use, minimizing the settings required by users. This allows even researchers not specialized in simulation to conduct research using first-principles and molecular dynamics calculations alongside experiments.

Diverse modeling capabilities

  • Supercell, Impurity replacement, Lattice Defects, Space group determination
  • Surface models, Molecular adsorption on surfaces, Mismatched interface models
  • Drawing of organic molecules, Solvent molecular packing, Polymer models
Quantum ESPRESSO input screen
Input screen(Quantum ESPRESSO)
Interface modeler (GaN/Al2O3)
Interface modeler (GaN/Al2O3)

Sales Performance as of August 2021

We began selling Advance/NanoLabo in August 2018. In the three years since, we have sold over 200 units and have already earned the patronage of many customers.