Release of NanoLabo Cloud Desktop

A new subscription-based service, NanoLabo Cloud Desktop, which allows users to use Advance/NanoLabo in a desktop environment on the cloud, was released in April 2024.

This new service provides Advance/NanoLabo, a materials simulator with an established reputation for its easy-to-use GUI, along with workstation-level computing resources. This means that users can start calculations immediately, without the need for complicated machine setup or software installation. The Python environment necessary for using graph neural networks is also pre-set up, allowing for calculations with M3GNet and CHGNet.

The cloud environment uses Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop†. Since the management is done by Advance Software, users do not need to be aware of the cloud, and can simply use it by connecting to a remote desktop connection. Virtual machines are created in the Japan region, so there is no risk of putting data outside the country. It is as easy to use as a workstation, but with the convenience of the cloud.

Two types of computing resources are available: Lite, a minimal model designed for those who are just starting to study material simulation, and Regular, a standard model suitable for practical simulations alongside experimental research. Customization to provide a quote according to your specified specifications is also available.

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† Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop is a Microsoft product.© Copyright 2021 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Introduction to NanoLabo Cloud Desktop Service

Introducing NanoLabo Cloud Desktop, a subscription-based material simulation cloud service.