Integration of Matlantis and Advance/NanoLabo functionalities

Information regarding the functionality integration between Preferred Computational Chemistry, Inc.’s Matlantis and AdvanceSoft Corporation’s Advance/NanoLabo.

AdvanceSoft Corporation and Preferred Computational Chemistry, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as PFCC) have decided to collaborate on enhancing DX in materials development.

Advance Soft provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that instantly visualizes the results of first-principles calculations and molecular dynamics simulations, while PFCC offers high-speed, general-purpose atomic-level simulation cloud services, utilizing deep learning and other AI technologies.

This collaboration allows for smoother execution of various simulations on Matlantis for structures modeled on Advance/NanoLabo.

In the future, both companies will collaborate to promote materials informatics from a software perspective, aiming for efficient and speedy development of new materials.

Matlantis integration interface embedded in Advance/NanoLabo

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