Release of Advance/NanoLabo Ver.2.9.1

The new version of Advance/NanoLabo, Ver.2.9.1, has been released. For more details, please visit The overview is as follows.

  • Added the feature for integration with Matlantis, provided by PFCC (using Jupyter Interface)
  • LAMMPS: Supports the M3GNet force field of MatGL version (the successor to the traditional M3GNet)
  • LAMMPS: Supports the graph neural network force field CHGNet
  • LAMMPS: Added the function to set charges for external electric fields (within the Force-Field screen)
  • LAMMPS: Added the function to import models of M3GNet/CHGNet
  • LAMMPS: Enhanced functions on the Scheme screen
  • Enhanced functions of the built-in web browser
  • Enhanced functions of the Jupyter Interface, etc.